A limitless world in cyberspace


This web-site is not about Intelligence Quotients (IQ's) in particular.

About this mythical 4 digit IQ:
The highest IQ ever measured was in the range of 250 - 300.

So unless one would use a decimal point, which in fact is not done when deriving this quotient, or use an other numeral system (base 4), one can safely assume that a 4 digit IQ does not exist, not in this world anyway...

No Limits

Why is this name 4 digit IQ chosen then? For me it represents a world without limits, like when one would actually have this mythical IQ then that human would have no limits.

Imagine it

Reality taught me different, so I imagine this limitless world and create anything in my mind. Sometimes fantasy becomes reality like our home and garden, which my wife and I dreamed of, visualized and created.
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